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Booking Engine

Tourism Apps provides a Booking Engine fo the hotel's website, in order to automate the booking procedure.

Tourism Apps Booking Engine (by Octorate)

The Booking Engine, provided by Tourism Apps, is connected to the Channel Manager and can be used FREE of charge and without any other fee or commission, just with the use of the Channel Manager. All the Reservations produced by the Booking Engine will be recorded in the channel manager callendar in order to decrease the availability. The booking engine can be placed as a floating object on teh screen, or to be embeded in the web site's code, on a specific place on the screen. 

Ther is also the possibility to use the Booking Engine without the Channel Manager, paying an annual fee of 150 Euro.

booking engine by Tourism Apps

The Booking Engine can be full customised in order to match the collors and images of teh website for the Result and payment pages. The results of teh search will be displayed within a pop-up window, avoiding the tranfer of the website user to other screen or URL. The results will be displayed as follows: 

Tourism Apps Booking Engine by Octorate


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