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Tourism Apps IKE in cooperation with Human Innovation Technologies S.A. provide a series of HR tools and processes in order to establish a new benchmark for quality and consistency in operations such as personnel training, evaluation, certification, promotion and selection.

The main objective is to assist its clients in significantly improving the relationship between quality, cost and effectiveness with regards to the development of their most valuable asset, their human capital. With its integrated approach, Human Innovation Technologies S.A. is today uniquely positioned to assist organizations, businesses and individuals in reducing time and administrative burden for HR processes, to the benefit of increasing productivity by maximizing the “fit” between persons and jobs to be performed.

We take HR management & development operations to the next level by offering breakthrough services. We offer Virtual World Simulations, Psychometric Instruments and Psychometric Instruments Platform, which optimize HR operations such as Personnel Selection, Training, Assessment and Certification. Our approach constitutes an integrated proposal, enhancing the effectiveness of the above mentioned operations through the combination of technologically advanced tools and innovative methodologies.

Here are some of the most important benefits of our proposal:

  • An entirely new virtual on-the-job training and assessment experience
  • Great accuracy in identifying employee training needs
  • Highly effective method for evaluation of skills and task performance
  • Ease in repeated individual and comparative self-assessment
  • Overall, significant increase in productivity and cost-effectiveness in key HR processes.

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