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e-mail marketing

The e-mail brought a revolution in communication, messaging, data files that cost a lot in time and money, is now with one click, quickly easily to all parts of the globe.

Since the Internet is a first line business tool, the same thing happens with the e-mail. Besides the quick and easy communication is one of the main features and advantages of the Internet. The e-mail then sells, promotes, informs Recalls. In short it is one of the most useful and mainly economical forms of marketing.

For direct response marketing, there is no faster, cheaper, or more effective ways to meet the challenges of the highly competitive business environment prevailing since the e-mail. The e-mail allows you to target an audience that is ready to hear your message.

The advantages of e-mail marketing

  • Direct communication with customers. The e-mail allows direct business-to-consumer or business-to-business communication while still allowing allowing two-way communication, if needed or desired.
  • Communication. Unlike advertising in a printed medium, an advertisement on television, a promotional spot on the radio , or anything else, promotion via e-mail encourage and facilitate direct and fast communication. The message really is absolutely clear: "click here to get it," or " Visit this site at this address to learn more ."
  • Low cost. The e-mail especially if you compare with other forms of marketing is extremely economical.
  • Correct Targeting. For promotional campaigns via e-mail no specific mailing lists, ie lists that include specially selected recipients, available for rent.
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